Solius update: April 2014

Well it was a fantastic experience showing off Solius at Fan X! I hope you enjoyed it too!

Here’s a video that shows the demo level that was available at the convention, plus a little bit of what had been added since then!

  • Corbyn Marshall

    Hello, you may not remember me, I was the young man who played your game at Fantasy Con, the one who asked the questions? Yes, well, I missed the last day where I wanted to give you some critiques about the experience I felt you may find helpful. As a consumer I just wanted to throw my two cents in to help with the development.

    Sadly, this news isn’t good. I feel like this game needs to go through some massive changes before you even begin to consider crowdfunding.

    Firstly, I was told that the game play would be “faithful to the classics” and “mechanics that try to make games different ultimately feel gimmicky.” If you would have said this in 2005, you’d be right. Unfortunately, the indie market has massively expanded and so, game mechanics being innovative, new, and exciting are almost central to a game’s success. Simply having “Classic” feeling without changing the formula isn’t going to bring about any merit of interest, which is what I felt from the game.

    The game felt boring. I’m not talking in terms of the prototype, no, the game described to me sounded boring. It didn’t want to take leaps and bounds and push the convention. Honestly, and I mean this with the best of intentions, the game sounds, looks, feels, like an Xbox Indie Game. From the Indie Marketplace.

    Thirdly, do not, and I mean, DO NOT TELL THE PERSON, PLAYING THE GAME, IT WILL LOOK SIMILAR TO HOW IT LOOKS NOW. Even if you have to stretch the truth a little, don’t tell them it will look like how it does now, because if they say that, nine times out of ten, they have a problem with how it looks.

    Overall, you guys need to go back to the design document, and think “How do we make this game interesting?” You are miles away from crowdfunding, and I don’t want to see a game go under because of poor pre-planning and a lack of creativity.

    Don’t know if you’ll want my opinion after this bashing, but my Email is there, so hit me up if you ever want to get some more opinions of your game.

    • Caleb

      I appreciate your advice.

      There’s really nothing I can say that doesn’t sound as if I have not honestly considered what you said, but I have considered it. Nevertheless, it would hurt us greatly to call off the Kickstarter campaign at the last moment.

      All we can do at this point is see what our potential backers think of the game. I am hoping to appeal to people who want “more of what they like,” and if enough people like this game, it is going to happen. If not, then it won’t.

      I do appreciate your thoughts, and if the funding isn’t successful then we’ll have no choice but to find ways to revise and improve the game. But right now the best thing to do is at least try, and see how many people want this game.

      Also, do you mean to say that you do not like the artwork, or that I made it sound like I don’t don’t like the artwork?

      • Corbyn Marshall

        Oh god, I just goofed. I thought I included my Email when I didn’t at all. Fault on my part.

        Well, the Indiegogo campaign is already live so I won’t speak about the problems with crowdfunding, the results will speak for itself. If they are good, bad, meh, that’ll be determined in the future.

        And about the art-style, yes I do have a problem with how it looks. I tried to tip-toe around the issue, but I should come out and say it full force. It looks bad, boring, bland, and forgettable. When I said it looked like an Xbox Live Indie Game, I meant it.

        These are the Xbox Live Indie Games I’m talking about.

        When I asked about the game’s art direction, I was given the reply “It will stay mostly the same, with just a tile difference to change the background.” Or close to that effect. That put me off any interesting in supporting this game with my money, because the art style is something I’m going to have to look at for the whole game.

        Also, a 2D classic side-scroller is an overused and tropish genre that is farmed to no end. I would have been more interested in that other project you mentioned on your website, ZC-351 I belive it was? That sounds different and interesting, not to forget adding “Zelda inspired” on anything instantly grabs attention.

        Eh, I don’t know, these are just my opinions. I mean, I’m somewhat experienced with game design, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge in terms of making a game.