Project Update: Summer 2015

It’s been nearly a whole year since there has been any word about Solius. The site looks abandoned. Is the game abandoned too?

Well fret no more, we just wanted to let you know that the game IS still in development. As has been stated previously, development has just slowed down.

There is no public demo available for the latest version, but here’s a couple things that have been implemented recently:

  • A new level-navigation system has been implemented!
  • Two new classes of enemies have been created!
  • A dash ability has been added!
  • The camera’s boundaries can change dynamically, so secret areas can be revealed when the player finds them!
  • A complete save system has been created to save player progress! (Okay that one’s not very exciting but it is important!)

It’s not much, but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that we are not ready to reveal yet. We hope to tell you all about it later this year, so stay posted!