Sandwich Isles Announcement – July 2020

We’ve been pretty quiet here for the past few years. So just what has been going on? Well first of all, we would like to officially announce the project we’ve been working on.

After we were unsuccessful in obtaining funding for Solius: The Magic Castle, we took some time to evaluate the game, thoughtfully considered the feedback people provided, and decided to make some changes. We reformed Solius into a new title, which we are please to announce today: Sandwich Isles!

Sandwich Isles is a silly 2D platformer. It features three playable characters and a cartoony aesthetic.

We are also pleased to announce at this time that we have released an early Work-In-Progress demo of the game. This demo is just for feedback purposes, and there are many things that are not quite ready. But we would like to see what people think so we know how best to shape the further development of this title. You can download a copy here.